Our solutions

At the moment we are working on the development of a mobile complex that is capable of detecting the position of a GSM mobile phone (that could potentially belong to a person in danger) over large distances, even if there is no cellular network coverage in the general area the phone is located.

Children safety in the Internet

Each parent cares about children’s safety. It is not a secret that while surfing the Internet from a very early age, children can be exposed to adult websites, violent websites and other shocker contents, which amount is growing daily. Big companies assert that they are fighting against the content, that can negatively influence kids but we can see that often results are disappointing. Temptation is at every corner. There are many filters, which can help to limit the access to some pages yet there is no guarantee that your child is fully protected. The most interesting happens while you are at work and you haven’t got any idea what pages your child is visiting and what does he or she sees.

We can offer you great and simple solution for this situation.

From now on, buying our router and installing it at your home, you can solve many problems and more importantly - protect your child. There are two applications in our router:

If your child will try to visit pages from the list or will try to search for something inappropriate for their age, your child will be redirected on another page, which will state that the page has a bad content and it is not recommended to visit it.

You will be able to get a report on demand to know whether your child was trying to get an access to pages with inappropriate content. Statistics will show all the redirects. You won’t need to say about it to your child, thus you will not damage relationships with him or her. You will simply know what is happening and you will know how to solve the problem according to your needs.

Every week we add pages, which contain bad content and our base refreshes all the time. We can’t give you a 100% protection guarantee yet there is unshakeable 90% that we are proud of, on the remained 10% we are working daily. Chances that children will be exposed to something bad will fall uniquely. You can contact our client’s support and let us know to which pages exactly you want to close an access and we will add them on a list. It is our work to make everything, so you will feel safe!

If necessary, you can turn off all the filters if your children are on a camp or somewhere else, for example and you are alone at your home. Now, you do not have to worry about negative sides of the Internet, contact us and we will help you!

SOSmobile24 service on the Z1 Android Watch

Z1 Watch is the most compact device in the world running on the Android platform today. The device has a built-in GPS module and can also work as a full-fledged mobile phone.

During the tests, navigation software OZIexplorer 1.20 was integrated additionally, to work with the maps offline. There were no problems with storage for maps, as Z1 is equipped with a 8 GB SD card. In navigation mode the unit continuously worked for 4 hours and 50 minutes.

In standby mode (ready to accept the incoming calls, or sending the coordinates by pressing the SOS), backlight off, the battery lasts for 24 hours.

Package includes a second battery.

Z1 can be charged from any USB power source. Connector for charging batteries is integrated directly into the strap for watch.

To install the full version of OS Android 2.2, Z1 must first prepared. Full flashing procedure described here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1774875

SOS mobile project and service are already working on the Z1 Android Watch.

Dron + SOSmobile24 in online photo monitoring mode

A field test using a "drone" type of a flying vehicle was undertaken.
Drone specifications:
payload - up to 1 kg
maximal operational height - 300 m
control distance - 2000 m
Autopilot to the last point where remote control signal was available.
Autopilot with an ability to pre-program route.
Return to the departure point on running out of battery charge.
Wind speed limit - up to 6 m/s
Maximal flight time - 18 minutes

Software used to perform photo monitoring on-line:
http://sosmobile24.com/ or http://findmytablet.net/
Phone used as a camera device (rear camera was in use): Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
No stabilizing chassis to reduce vibration were used.
Conditions in which tests with online photo uploading were performed:
Distance to the nearest cellular base station - 9800 m.
Data transfer mode: HSPDA+
A mobile monitoring center was deployed: Lenovo X61 laptop with Nokia E51 mobile phone used as a cellular modem. The average data transfer speed was 1.5 mbit/s.