Android - QRepublik SOS Agent v1.4

Developed to work with the project.

This application is intended for quick location detection of human in need of emergency assistance. Requires Android 2.2 or later, Internet connection or SMS sending capability.

Application can be used with service site or with QRepublik SMS Client:

Functions of application and service:

  1. 1) Detection of the current location of the device.
  2. 2) Emergency dispatch of current device location by single touch of on-screen SOS button.
  3. 3) Device information. Battery charge level.
  4. 4) Alarm sending to device.
  5. 5) Routes of device history.
  6. 6) Remote control by SMS commands.
  7. 7) Remote audio recording. Recorded file is sent to server.
  8. 8) Remote photo, sending a file to the server.
  9. 9) Remote control with system SMS commands.
  10. 10) SIM-card change notification.

Quick application installation, no advanced settings needed.

To use the website's control panel:

  1. 1) Install the app
  2. 2) Register an account on your phone
  3. 3) Authenticate using the data you entered while registering on your device

Install from website:

QRepublik SOS Agent v1.4 (.apk, 737 KiB)

Install from Play Store:

Install from website:

QRepublik SMS Client v1.15 (.apk, 2 MiB)

Install from Play Store:


Install from App Store:

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