I can't locate my device. What should I do?

Make sure "GPS satellites" checkbox is set in "Location access" section of Settings menu. Leaving this checkbox on will not lead to your device's GPS sensor being active at all times. It will merely allow the apps like Small SOS Agent to use it to detect your location when they need to. Leaving this option on won't decrease the battery life by more than 3..5%.

Examples of basic SMS commands

Find the device: 1234 locate
Device information (battery charge level): 1234 info phone
Network connection status check: 1234 network info
Alarm and message popup: 1234 Аlarm!

How to set up “SOS button” widget

Make sure that before setting up this widget you have installed “Small Agent” application on your phone.

Guidelines how to set up widget on your phone’s desktop usually differ depending on the model of a phone as well as its’ launcher. Below you will find an instruction how to install the application for different popular Android’s launchers.

  1. Go Launcher Ex
    1. Long-tap on a space on your desktop, where you want to locate your widget and wait until the below menu will show up.

    2. Choose “Small Agent” from the list.

    3. Then you will see SOS button on your desktop. To exit from a launcher’s menu just make one tap on a desktop.

    4. Drag the SOS button if you want to relocate it. Change its’ size with a long tap.

  2. Xperia Home (Android 4.0)
    1. Long-tap on a space on your desktop, where you want to locate your widget and wait until the below menu will show up.

    2. Tap "Widgets"

    3. Choose the Small Agent's widget

  3. The “SOS messages receivers” screen will appear. In case you haven’t added numbers, which will receive SOS messages, do it now by click on button. Then, tap OK.

  4. SOS button will appear on a desktop. To move it on a desirable place drag it with a long click.

CellAgent SMS Client usage


1.  Introduction

Small SOS Agent application can be managed remotely with commands, which you will find in our website here : http://sosmobile24.com/ or via SMS.

SMS commands – simple messages, which can be sent from every mobile phone where Small SOS Agent is installed on the target device. SMS are irreplaceable in case the Internet connection absence on a phone. Each SMS command starts with a PIN-code(by default: 1234), following the command and, if needed, its' parameters. It is highly recommended to change the Pin-code in an early begginning of Small SOS Agent usage due to privacy reasons.

For example, SMS command which will define phone’s location, can be set up with a message: 1234 locate

When you send this message on a phone, you will receive one or many messages with a phone location. You can track the exact location on a map via our website http://sosmobile24.com/ or any other cartographic service. Manual message entry is an intricate work, where mistakes and misprints may be found. Subsequent results’ interpretations(for instance, location on a map) will require a manual entry of details. Moreover, it’s not easy to keep in mind all the right commands.

That is why we have created “CellAgent SMS Client” for Android. The application will send messages, receive them from a target device and show you exact phone’s location straight from the application map. Message templates are already installed in that application. You can use and change that templates as well as creating your own.

2. “CellAgent SMS Client” installation

УTo install the application you won't need any particular skills or settings. Just download .APK file from http://sosmobile24.com/en/Software/ and install it the usual way.

You can use Google Play as well: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.cellagent.smsclient


3. The first launch

The first time you use the application, you will need to add a device, which location you will want to follow. To do that click on a button on your phone’s screen.

Enter the device name and its' number in international format. Choose the colour, which will appear on a map after. Press OK.

You will be able to add other devices after, using the same instruction.


4. How the application works

Work with the app is based on sending SMS commands to your target device and receiving responses on the map.

First of all, choose a device you want to work with. To do that, touch the upper part of your screen.

In appeared list choose the device you want.

On a screen you will see a list of messages for this device. In the beginning it will be empty.

To set up a message command for a gadget, you will need to write it(or to choose from a template list). To do that, click the button on your gadget’s screen.

Choose or type the right message command and then click «Send»

The message will be send to the target device and will appear on the list, on a green background.

After a while, you will receive an answer to a message command. In our case, there are two of them:
* Location, defined by Wi-Fi and
* Location, defined by LBS (cellular towers).
By tapping each of them we will see the device's location on map.

You can also send simple messages via this application.

All messages, which differ from the commands, will be received on target device. Answers on that messages will appear on a message list, where they usually are.

On a map every gadget will appear with the sign . If you touch it, you will see it’s name above. If you touch the icon , sign will appear on a map, which will show you your current location.

To delete маркеры from a map, touch phone’s “Menu” (=) and use the “Clean marker” option.

To change a type of a map, touch phone’s “Menu” (=) and use a command “Type of a map”. Choose the one, which suits you better: simple one, satellite, terrain or hybrid.

To delete unwanted message from a message list, you can touch the message and wait until the “Delete message” command will appear.

To delete all messages from the list, you can click on a phone’s “Menu” (=) and use the command “Delete all messages”.

5. Templates

It takes a long time to type a message commands by yourself every time you need them. Especially. when we are talking about gadgets which will differ from SOS/CellAgent. You can solve this problem by setting up templates for occasions you usually face in your life.

To create a new template, first of all, choose a gadget. Then, click on a button and in appeared window type a message and click on a “Template” button.

In the appeared list you will see templates that are already in the application. By touching each command, you will download a text of a command in a «Editor's» window, where you will have a possibility to change text and send this command on a gadget.

To change a template, you will need to touch it and wait until you will see a new menu below the template. You will be able to edit the message in that window. To save it, press «OK».

To create a new template, click on a sign below the templates menu and type a text you want. Press “OK” to save it. New template will appear on a list.

6. Other capabilities

You can make a call to a gadget from the list straight from the application. To do that, touch the name of the gadget and wait until a new menu will show up. In appeared menu, choose a command “Call gadget”. This possibility is highly convenient if you use Falcom Stepp II, Falcom Stepp III, MAMBO II and others.