What do you need it?

The question of how to track one’s location fast and precisely for providing the emergency medical services is one of the most significant concerns among people today. Using our technical solution, neither you nor your relatives will ever face the problem of being alone in a problem.

Your car is broken, you feel pain in your heart or you are lost in an unfamiliar place and you can’t explain your friends or relatives how to find you? Just press the SOS button on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Your family, friends and people you trust will be able to track your location with our app and see the exact location on a map.

This is the technical solution that can be trusted. Application works in any part of the world and on any mobile network operator

How does it work?

Download the Qrepublik SOS Agent app on your Android smartphone or the Sos Button app on your iPhone. Then add all the numbers of people whom you can trust to the SMS receivers list in your appand place the app's SOS button widget in a convenient place on your phone's desktop. In a critical situation just press the SOS button. People from your alarm receivers list will receive the exact data of your location.

To use the website's control panel:

  1. 1) Install the app
  2. 2) Register an account on your phone
  3. 3) Authenticate using the data you entered while registering on your device

In the course of project development we enabled it to use an online monitoring system: ADS-B (civil aviation tracking). A lot of emergency situations happen in air. This system transmits important data that allows us display the information in a online interface. It can be life-savingly useful for you if you happen to get into a situation where you need to get data for some specific region urgently.

ADS-B online monitoring

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We are guided not only by business goals but by socially useful ideas as well. Our company offers everyone willing to contribute to the development of the project. We can do much more together and we can make the society proud by our support.